Cradles, Monorails, Specialist Access Solutions and Winch Services

Monarch Access Services is a specialist access company providing suspended cradles, specialist access solutions and winch services.

The Monarch Access Services team have decades of experience and are amongst the most experienced in providing and installing safe, effective and efficient access systems. We provide the most appropriate cost- effective and straightforward access for the requirement. We have on many occasions risen to the challenge and provided innovative solutions to unusual access requirements.

Facades and
High Rise

Cradle access can be quickly and efficiently installed and moved from position to position in a matter of hours. Ties to the structure are not required so integral systems can be installed effectively without any remedial work when the cradle is removed. Two tier systems are frequently provided giving access to different levels at the same time.

Using independent mono–rail systems in conjunction with cradles means large, heavy panels can be installed. Bespoke guidance and protective systems can be used to stabilise and control the panels into position, even in adverse weather conditions.


Specialised mobile systems can be developed giving access to many Industrial structures, vessels and pipe racks to carry out inspections and remedial work.

The modular nature of the system allows it to be easily transported through small hatches and narrow passage ways. Access can be provided quickly and efficiently to both the inside and outside of chimneys, storage tanks and many other structures.

Suspended access has been successfully used in wind turbine maintenance, the petro-chemical and gas industries, on nuclear sites and oil rig installations.